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ReactJS and Node.js Training Courses

Hands On Technology Transfer offers a task-oriented, cost effective approach to learning the fundamentals of React programming and Node programming for web application development. Comprehensive hands on exercises are integrated throughout to reinforce learning and develop real competency. All Node.js and React JS courses consist of 50% hands-on lab exercises during class time. Courses may be attended in-person in the classroom, online from your home via live remote attendance, or through on demand training at your convenience.

React and Node DurationPrice: Live Delivery Price: On-Demand
ReactJS Web Application Development 4 days / 28 hours $2095$1495
Node.js Application Development 4 days / 28 hours $2095$1495

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ReactJS Training

ReactJS is also known as React JS or simply React. The ReactJS Web Application Development class introduces students to the React JavaScript library and covers essentials such as using Create React App, defining components, writing and styling JSX elements, passing props, using state and registering event handlers. Students will also learn how to use React Hooks, the Context API, Lifecycle Methods and how to implement global state using the Redux JavaScript library.

Before attending the ReactJS Web Application Development course, students will already need to know the basics of HTML and fundamentals of JavaScript. HOTT's Website Development with HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap and JavaScript Programming courses are exellent candidates for acquiring that knowledge if needed. Information and Pricing on multi-class training passes is available here.

Node.js Training

The Node.js Application Development class covers how to utilize the Node.js JavaScript runtime environment to develop web applications. The course will teach front end designers and server side developers how to rapidly create, maintain, and deploy Node.js applications. This course includes thorough coverage of the Node.js architecture, the V8 engine and the Node Ecosystem. Attendees will learn how to use Node.js to create Command Line Interface applications for system administration and process management, use Node.js networking modules to communicate with TCP/IP clients and servers such as HTTP servers, and create / consume REST (Representational State Transfer) data services.

Before attending the Node.js Application Development course, students will already need to know the fundamentals of JavaScript. HOTT's JavaScript Programming course is an excellent option for gaining that JavaScript competency if necessary. Information and Pricing on multi-class training passes is available here.

This is the best training class I ever had! This instructor obviously has significant practical experience and it shows. The pace of the class was very good and it kept my attention.
- K.C., Aegon

HOTT offers competency-based ReactJS and Node.js training in more than 100 cities across North America, emphasizing a hands on, task-oriented curriculum. When students train with HOTT they are guaranteed small class sizes, expert instructors, and comprehensive hands on exercises. HOTT offers a wide selection of discount programs to accommodate individuals as well as groups both small and large. Choose from face-to-face in the classroom, remote-live, on-demand or group training options.

If you need additional assistance, contact our helpful Customer Service staff at 800-413-0939, or fill out a Contact Form here. For a comprehensive list of all our course offerings, visit our full Course Index here.

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